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Thought I would do a little update here... no I'm not dead! Haven't done much in the way of content creation for games in a while. The closest thing would probably be Minecraft which I've been addicted to for the past year. Feel free to drop in on my server!

Shadowdane's PvE Minecraft Server

World Renders
Night Render
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Oh wow.. 2 updates in 1 month! Whats the world coming too!

As a few of you might have noticed I started messing around with the Doom 3 Editor.  Well it looks like I will be releasing a Doom 3 map at some point.  I haven't gotten much done yet, but it is enough to at least show a nice screenshot!  The level is titled Phobos Base, and will be a single player level.

Click the pic for a 1280x1024 image.

03.12.2007 - New Website Design

Hey look an update!  Well registered my own domain!!

Finally got around to finishing the new website design.  I believe it only took me a year aftering buying the domain! It would of gotten done sooner but school work kept me soo busy.  Well my time at ITT Tech is done so I finally have some free time back and got around to finishing converting all the old content to the new design.

Been playing a ton of games on the Xbox360 & Wii lately.  The Wii is really a ton of fun Zelda and SSX Blur have been eating a lot of my time.  Also built a new PC back in November 2006, so enjoying that as well.  Can't wait for Command & Conquer 3 which is due at the end of the month.

In the PC world I've been playing some other games lately specifically TrackMania Nations & Trackmania United, which is a crazy over-the-top racing game.  I've designed quite a few custom tracks for it.  I've added those to the Trackmania Page, go check them out.

btw..  I've deleted all the old Archived news.  It was a mess and I didn't have the time to convert it to the new design.  Not to mention nothing of real interest was in there.

Just a final note, I've been toying around with the idea of a Doom 3 Single Player map..   nothing has really been done on it yet.  But if it ends up happening you will see it here first!


09.20.2005 - Shad3DM2 - Deep Freeze Released

Wow.. its taken far too long to finish this level! Well guess school has gotta come first. Anyway I've finally finished Shad3DM2 - Deep Freeze!!  It probably would of been finished last year but school work got to be pretty crazy and it sat on my hard drive completely untouched for almost 8 months!

This will be my last map for Quake 3, I will most likely do something on one of the next-gen engines.  Currently I just haven't decided whatt game, I'll probably wait till after Quake 4, F.E.A.R & Prey come out later this year to take a look at those titles.

Well why not check out the screenshots below, then jump over to the Maps Page and grab Deep Freeze.

Shad3DM2 PicShad3DM2 Pic


P.S.  Hopefully I'll have some time soon to fix up the website..  as the design is just well bad.  Not the mention half the pages look just downright ugly.  I should have it fixed over the next few weeks I hope.

11.03.2004 - Shad3DM2 Announced

Sorry guys for not updating again, been way to busy lately.  I recently got a new job, yeah!!   But also went back to school so been busy with school work, so leaves little time to really work on my maps and play games.  But anyway I thought I would update to what I was working on.

I started work on Shad3Dm2!!  Its a port of my map Deep Freeze from Q2.  And well actually am nearly completed got it pretty close to completed in early September, but I just havent had the time to finish it up and get it released quite yet.  As of right now I would have to say it would be late November or early December that I will probably have it done.  I will also have some screenshots for you soon.


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