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The Garth of the Disquiet by Anssi Hyytiäinen

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The Garth of the DisquietThe Garth of the Disquiet


The Garth of Disquiet is a medium-sized DM map for Quake2 by Anssi Hyytiäinen. Originally this map was to be released with the Dawn of Darkness TC by Wardsix, and this version is dressed up in DOD textures giving it a very unique look and feel. The map is very tight in design featuring 2-3 atruims (one of them is kinda small) and many hallways. The textures really give it a fresh look to Quake2, and the dark nature of the level keeps you on your toes. I suggest 4-8 players for the best play experience, but 2 will do fine for a hunt/kill type of game.

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