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Nexus2 - Rusted

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Rusted, my second Quake2 map took the longest it has ever taken me to make a map. I started this map back in late November of '98 and worked on it a few hours a week, sometimes taking 2 weeks away from working on the map... But I finally finished the architecture on the map in April of '99. When I started this map I saw how there were very little maps for more than 8 players, so I set out to make a map that could hold up to 16. And that is what I accomplished!!

This map consists of approximately 4 atriums, with a few rooms, and hallways connecting them all together. Unlike most maps that center the action around 1-2 atrium(s), Rusted keeps the action spread out evenly across all 4 atriums. Now one thing that Rusted has that makes it stand out from the crowd is BFG Time-Lock Door™ which keeps the BFG locked up in the map and only makes it available via a button every 5 minutes. As we found out in a play testing session, this makes for some very interesting gameplay. Well enough talk about the map.. go download it if you haven't already!!

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