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Nexus4 - Psychosis Fixation

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Psychosis Fixation, is my last and final Q2DM map. I completed this map a bit quicker compared to Nexus3, I guess it helps when you plan the level out on paper first. ;) This map acually has been ready for release since 09/04/01, but due to my lazy-ness It took a little while longer to acually release it. Nexus4 surprising only took me about 1 month to build, Deep Freeze is the only map I've done quicker.

The layout of Nexus4 is my best to date! It consists of 1 large atruim, 2 smaller atruims, and hallways connecting it all together. This map also features the highest r_speeds of any of my previous maps. They average around 600-700, and peak at close to 900. This map is best played with 6 or more players, or go for 10+ for a real blood bath!!

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