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Shad3DM2 - Deep Freeze

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Deep Freeze, is my second Q3DM map and it will be my last Q3DM map.  This map is based apon my Q2DM map sharing the same name.  The level is quite a huge change from its Quake 2 counterpart, the level has more or less been rebuilt from scratch.

Shad3DM2 is best played with 2-6 players.  You might be able to do up to 8 players, but things will probably start to get very crowded.  The level consists of 2 main atuims, with a few side rooms and passage ways.  With this level I almost went overboard with details, but in the dend it was worth it.  The open level design and high detail of the map requires a machine with a bit more power than the standard Q3 Map though.

This was also my first use of a custom texture set.  I used the awesome arctic texture set which was created by John 'Yogi' Hughes. Thanks much for this awesome set of textures.  The level really wouldn't of been possible without them!  I also got a new custom audio track made specifically for this map, Pathways by Indy.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Requirements
Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon 1.1Ghz
256MB Ram
64MB Graphics Card (GEForce 3/Radeon 8500)

Recommended Requirements
Intel Pentium IV 1.7Ghz / AMD Athlon XP 1700+
512MB Ram
128MB Graphics Card (GEForce 4 Ti/Radeon 9500)

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