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What the F*CK! ]|[ by Shadowdane & Maj.Map

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What the F*CK! ]|[ is very different map from any of my others. First, it was made by two authors. Maj.Map designed the basic floorplan of this level, then he handed the map over to me to finish the layout, texturing, architecture, lighting, item placement, and tweaking. I kept the layout as true as possible to Maj.Map's original design, with a few minor additions/changes.

The level is a medium-sized space DM map, it uses a rather different design than other space maps seen in Q2 or Q3. It's designed like a atruim-style DM map but rather than being enclosed it's very open. The level consists of two structures floating in space. The level features a semi-new feature that Maj.Map came up with Air-Lifts, they work very well. To bad that bots couldn't figure them out, otherwise I would of included bot support in this one! Download this one now, best played with 2 - 6 players.

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